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       eriTape® LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer 

All LTO Catridges contain an internal memory chip called Catridge Memory (CM ). This chip contains vital information about the catridge. VeriTape® reads thi information and extracts it into special software with a clear and concise display.

  • Identify deteriorating catridges before they fail.
  • Storing mission critical data.
  • Deter clients from buying used catridges.

       Data Storage Casing


Turtle Cases protect against data’s most dangerous enemies:
  • Tape edge damage from shock/impact
  • Debris from foreign contaminants
  • Temperature / Humidity extremes

       Storage Racking System


  • Sliding Rack

Front View

Middle View

Slide Front View


  • Compactors

Door Open

Middle Part

End Part

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